Caroline Cunningham Authentic Reflexology
Caroline Cunningham Authentic Reflexology

Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points on the feet (known as reflexes) in order to release tension and promote balance in body systems. These reflexes have been shown to correspond to organs and systems of the body.

During treatment the therapist uses only their hands and fingers to apply pressure. Ultimately, the purpose is to provide relaxation for body and mind in a caring environment. Reflexology is a holistic therapy, which means that the client’s lifestyle and well-being are considered as part of the treatment.

Reflexology, may also be applied to the hands, face and ears. Research has shown reflexology to be an effective therapy in maintaining balance in body systems, in pain relief and during pregnancy and cancer care. The benefits extend to additional conditions and situations. Many clients seek reflexology to improve sleep quality, manage stress and to create optimum conditions for fertility.


Health Insurance: I am a registered member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (I.R.I.L.), you may have health cover for reflexology treatments. Check with your insurer prior to appointment.






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Caroline Cunningham is the owner and therapist at ‘Authentic Reflexology’

A reflexologist is never trained or qualified to diagnose an illness or medical condition and the therapy is not intended as a replacement for medical care.

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