Carlow Creative Rising – Things are happening in Carlow

Carlow was the capital of Ireland once upon a time. You wouldn’t hear much about that nowadays. You’d be more likely to hear about the fact that Carlow had a thriving sugar factory but that too has passed. It’s a town of many features surrounded by rich agricultural land, glacial read more

Carlow Arts Festival 2019 Exhibitions

Carlow Arts Festival 2019 dates are June 4th to 9th  and the festival team have a fantastic line up of creative events and exhibitions, including interactive shows, street music, theatre and even a drive-in movie. Many of the events are free thanks to the organisers and sponsors. This year the read more

Lennons Carlow Art Exhibition March 2019

Lennon’s Carlow are exhibiting my art work in their cafe restaurant, next door to Carlow’s Visual Gallery, during the month of March 2019. You are invited to visit the restaurant to view my colourful display of tree paintings from the collection ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’   read more

Visual Gallery Carlow for Books

The Visual Gallery in Carlow has a book shop. Did you know that? My own books are there too, amongst a fine selection of books on topics of art, local history, culture. Look out for Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your Anxiety-free Self (Well-being) and The Whisperings of Nature read more

The Feng Shui of Ganga Dreaming Art

Guest Blog Testimonial thanks to Gloria Mc Breen of We are Holistic: When my husband and I bought our new home last year we were very excited indeed. It was all we ever wished for in a home for our little family. We wanted it to be filled with positivity, read more

Transformation – What’s that?

Have you noticed that the word ‘transformation’ gets used a lot nowadays, especially by holistic entrepreneurs? What is transformation and how can we make it happen? From my experience of transformation, it doesn’t happen overnight, nor after an expensive two day course and rarely without the support of a knowledgeable read more

Authentic Hand – Hands in Art & Healing

I’m blessed with two hands. They assist me in so many things but most importantly they assist me in my work as a healing therapist and an artist.  During my studies in both of these realms I began to focus on my hands to consider their ingenuous make up and read more

Digital Book Reading – The Dreaming Doors on Instagram

The Dreaming Doors is now availabe for on-line purchase both in digital format and hard-back copy.  Author Maria Lehtman invites you to her digital book reading and samples from her latest book which beautifully combines her art and poetry. Where? On Instagram! The Dreaming Doors   I am delighted read more

Summer Art Exhibition Carlow Town

Artists in Carlow are keeping the dream alive with a summer art exhibition right in the heart of the town. Every Saturday in July 2018, Carlovians and tourists will have the opportunity to view and purchase artwork produced by local artists. Thanks to artist Elwira Bernaciak for volunteering to curate read more

Meet Maria Lehtman – Author of The Dreaming Doors

The Dreaming Doors Meet Maria Lehtman, a truly inspiring Finnish author, digital designer and so much more. My regular readers will be familiar with my passion for inspiring ‘authenticity’ as a means to well-being and personal freedom.  Following the ‘Authentic Path’ is what led to my connection with Maria, who read more

The Grounding Effect of Trees for Wellbeing

The decision to create ‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’ painting collection was a very deliberate attempt to give voice and expression to the fact that tree’s provide us with an energetic or spiritual nurture. A walk in the forest doesn’t just stretch our muscles or give us an excuse to read more

Why your Corporate Environment needs Nature Art

I imagine not only the things that I create; I also imagine the places where they could bring most joy and inspiration. Imagine for example the provision of vibrant nature art for the corporate environment. How best to influence the well-being of a task-force of employees? Human being’s who give read more

The Birth of Treedom

Inspired by the powerful essence of an elderly beech tree residing in the garden of my parental home, graced by the backdrop of a majestic mountain, all gave rise to the birth of ‘Treedom’. Before I even got the idea to paint my collection of ‘The Sacred Lives of Tree’s’, read more

Art Buildings – World Favourites

What famous art buildings have inspired your travel plans? I’d like to share with you my top favourite art buildings in the world! Are any of these ART BUILDINGS on your LIST OF favouriteS? I had always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, mostly because I am an incurable read more

Who’s your favourite artist?

Who’s your favourite artist? I asked a friend this question once and he promptly answered ‘YOU’! I loved his swift response I have to admit. But seriously, who is your favourite artist? There are many I have yet to discover but I can give you an insight into a few read more

Art Travel Inspiration

Has art inspired you to travel? Where would you recommend others to visit to see the best artistic displays of visual arts? The following is an account of my art travel inspiration which informed my art education (during adulthood) as I sought to discover my ‘Authentic Path’   When read more

Carlow Landscape Paintings

It was a trip to India in 2010 that got me thinking about Carlow landscape paintings in a deeper way. I was only starting out as an artist and had my eyes wide open to the world around me. India was indeed incredible and having a created a collection of read more

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Inspiring your Authentic Path is my purpose and as many know already, I do this by providing services such as reflexology therapy, coaching (life/business/pr) and providing products such as artwork and books on themes of nature, travel and well-being. Email newsletters are a way for me to communicate the ways read more

Shaws Nationwide Artist in Carlow Arts Fest!

Shaw’s department store, in my growing-up years, ran a radio advert with the catch-phrase ‘Shaws – Almost Nationwide’. Well, since then it seems they are actually nationwide! And so it is fitting that they should display the artwork of a Nationwide artist in their windows during this year’s Carlow Arts read more

Top Three Most Popular Limited Editions

Some people instantly know the piece of artwork that calls to them and others are more comfortable with making their choice after some consideration. The opinion of others can play a part too as many people feel not so confident in making an art choice. I hope I can give read more

Dreaming Doors – A Nordic Collaboration

An interesting collaboration with Nordic digital artist and poet Maria Lehtman is already underway! Maria was one of the first people to order a copy of my poetry book via my on-line shop. ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ was my first book ever to be published and it was such a read more

Join us in Wexford Hour – February 6th 2018

Thanks to Wexford Hour (aka @WexfordHour on Twitter) for the wonderful prize of sponsorship. I am a regular networker in general and particularly like the support I receive in twitter groups such as #WexfordHour and others. All are welcome to join in the conversation amongst like-minded entrepreneurs who are read more

Simple On-Line Shopping Guide for Books & Art Gifts

To make life easier for those of you with busy lives, I created this ‘snapshot’ of  pricing via my on-line shop.   These are just guideline prices to make it easier for you to choose if you have a particular ‘spend amount’ in mind.   Books: You have the option read more

Lifestyle Gifts with a touch of Cunningham Creativity

Shopping on line made versatile and easy – that’s my description of Fine Art Americas on-line gallery store. Caroline Cunningham Lifestyle But just to make it easier – I offer some tips for purchasing a wide variety of lifestyle products and prints from some of my open edition prints. read more

Behind the Scenes on Nationwide (RTE TV)

I got the call on a Tuesday. In fact I got a number of calls that day, but since I was busy show-casing reflexology at a network event I missed all of them! It was much later that I listened back to the messages from at least three different numbers read more

As seen on RTE’s Nationwide T V

My book ‘Seven C’s to Calm – Reclaiming your anxiety-free self’, has received a lot of interest from far and near. In October 2017 I received an urgent call from RTE Nationwide reporter Helen Mc Inerney inviting me to go on national TV (Ireland) to discuss the topic of anxiety. read more

Return of the Sacred Trees – VIDEO TOUR

Theres just no imaginable excuse for missing out on my last tour of The Sacred Lives of Trees collection at Art Bank. Because I made THIS VIDEO especially for you to enjoy (: What do you think? Like it? My visitors books is the comments section below. It would read more

Darker Days and The In Between – Art

Daylight dwindles in the Northern Hemisphere at the approach of winter. It is especially noticeable as our planet revolves from November to December. It’s a time of year that gives some people cause for despair as we plunge into darkness and the cold damp air that is a hallmark of read more

Christmas & Winter Season Art Gifts & Books

Are you the person who buys the perfect, most thoughtful gift for others at Christmas or for other special occasions? Or do you also gift yourself alongside thinking of others? This year I offer a wide variety of unique, creative, thoughtful gift suggestions for your loved ones for all special read more

The Bankers Office – Art Exhibition

Art Bank Bunclody (Co. Wexford),  is my second most favourite incubation centre for my creative projects. It is important that art should be seen in the most suitable space. Since my art work is inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of nature, it is fitting that my work should be read more

The Men in the Tree!

‘Who are in the men in tree?’ I was asked this question by two of my friends at the end of a busy exhibition opening night at Carlow Library. I was puzzled. They brought me over to the painting to which they were referring, it was ‘Treedom Series 3′! The read more

The New Sacred Lives of Trees – Paintings

‘The Sacred Lives of Trees’ is the collection of paintings created in 2016 to coincide with my rebrand launch during that same year. I am an artist who is committed to putting nature and simplicity centre stage along my path to authenticity. Through my use of tree’s in my artwork read more

Autumn Leaves & Dreams – Carlow Creative Event

My incubation centre for all my creative offerings! This is how I describe the Shaw Room in Carlow County Library. I am blessed to have this space provided by my local library. I reckon it’s the envy of creative’s in other counties. ‘Autumn Leaves and Dreams’ or ‘Duilleoga agus Aislingi read more

The Fishermans Mother – Look at me now!

National Gallery of Ireland This summer I was reunited with a dear old friend, from the days when I used to work in ‘corporate-world’. Only she had the ability to ignite my imagination and lift me from an environment that wasn’t suited to my sensitivities. A cramped office, surrounded by read more

Art Bank Antics & Exhibition

Joy! That’s the most apt word that describes all visits to Art Bank Bunclody in Co. Wexford. I’m proud to exhibit amongst the variety of talented artists on display in the latest ‘Solstice’ themed exhibition which officially opened July 21st and continues until August 23rd 2017. Inclusivity and community are read more

Fine Framers Art Exhibition Summer 2017

Have you been to Fine Framers Carlow this summer? Currently my artwork is on display there. It was really awesome to be one of the first local artists to be invited to exhibit as part of a new initiative at their stunning store at the business park, on the Wexford read more

Almost Nationwide – Shaws Carlow – Art Festival

I used to love that advert on the radio a few years back which announced ‘Shaws! Almost nationwide!’In some giddy banter with a friend, while we play-acted a scenario of an emigrant Carlovian asking about things back home, a question posed was ‘tell me this….did Shaws ever make it nationwide?’ read more

Art Prints – any size – any budget – you choose!

It’s nice to have choice and that’s why lovers of my artwork have plenty of options when it comes to price, size and variety of art work which I offer. Unlike my limited edition prints, which are a set size, visitors to my online shop at Fine Art America gallery read more

Business SOS for On-Line Art Sales

It was busy as usual taking part in the popular twitter hour #womensinspire along with lots of other female entrepreneurs. That’s where I first connected with Michelle Mc Loughlin who was the featured business that night using her hashtag #businessSOS. Michelle was promoting her new business ‘Train With Us’ and read more

Lovers of Art, Poetry, Books and Well-Being

My first ever book launch attracted kind, positive and interesting people from Carlow county and beyond. I am grateful to all who supported me during my first book launch. There were people who called to view my art work and buy my book. Lots of people in my business community read more

Trees of the Golden Dawn Story

Walking amongst trees in the early hours of a spring morning, have you experienced the golden light of dawn streaming through the branches with their newly grown canopy of leaves? In Ireland, we especially embrace the sun’s golden rays and the lengthening of days as we emerge from the darkness read more

The Story of The In Between

There are places in Nature where I have experienced the feeling of stepping into another world. I have temporarily left the hum-drum world and entered an ‘in-between’ space where the ‘busy-busy’ dissolves into being still. In this ‘in-between’ place, I become acutely aware of the presence of the trees and read more

Loves Light Upon Us – The Story

Childhood memories have a way of nudging us to return to those special places now enshrined in faded photographs. This was my curiosity for making a trip to Glengarriff in West Cork some years ago. It’s an area steeped in beauty, with a tropical micro-climate favouring trees and plants not read more

Amongst Trees – A Lesson in Living Gracefully

Photography Caroline Cunningham It’s got a lot to do with shape and movement of the lines, that thing that captures my imagination when I observe the beauty of trees. It’s like reading body language. The twists and turns or the stretching out of tall exuberant branches, there’s a story in read more

The Moment of Break True

The year was 1999, my moment of Break True had arrived. The signs should have been obvious, but I simply hadn’t a clue about self-care back then and mental health was still a taboo topic. I was burning out fast in my teaching career. I was over-working myself, trying to read more

Ganga Dreaming – The Call Of India

A life changing travel experience, has this been a feature of your life’s journey? One such experience was my visit to India as we entered the year 2010. India accosted my senses from every angle and compelled me to go with its helter-skelter flow. Ganga Dreaming I returned home with read more

A Visit To Fine Framers Carlow

From ‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’ art collection  ‘Loves Light Upon Us’ is the most popular of my limited edition prints. They are readily available, unframed, via my website and come with a certificate of authenticity and are numbered and signed. On this occasion, I am collecting a framed version read more

Art Bank Featuring Art of Caroline Cunningham

I always enjoy my visit to Art Bank in Bunclody, Co. Wexford. Today was especially great. I arrived unexpectedly with my limited edition prints and greetings cards and the reaction to my work was electric. This is a very arty and eclectic group of people who just love having read more

The Chosen Ones – Those Sacred Trees

The Sacred Tree   It’s a curious thing for an artist, when all the work is done, to find out which paintings will be most admired, chosen and cherished. During my exhibition featuring ‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’ collection, the paintings that received the most admiration were ‘Treedom’, ‘Evening Tide’, read more

That Day In The Forest

Foggy Trees – Caroline Cunningham Artist I remember well that day in the forest! One week before my most ambitious outing as artist and my biggest collection of paintings created under the theme ‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’. Who knew who would come? Who knew the sentiments they would be read more

The Ones – Meet the Sacred Trees

One dream, one leap of faith, inspired by the sacred wisdom inherent in trees and one truly grateful artist who now looks back at the success that is The Sacred Lives of Trees. The Sacred Lives of Trees exhibition took place at Carlow Library in winter of 2016. People said read more

The Sacred Trees Are Coming

‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’ exhibition was just an idea during december 2015. I knew I had to do it, but I had one BIG concern, it would involve a huge time and financial investment and as a relatively unknown emerging artist, I was unsure as to who would come read more

Mind The Gap

‘Mind The Gap’ painting and its accompanying poem, were commissioned in March 2015, a few days prior to the celebration of Irelands Patron Saint. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish and their descendants world-wide. The Carlow Association of New York invited its London counterpart to join them in the read more

Indian Heart-Way

A Journey Through The Heart Of India Via The Heart Of The Journey Maker The Indian Heart-Way Collection was birthed into reality after a profound life changing trip through the north of India, crossing the country by river-boat, train, public bus, autotaxi, camel and jeep. These are treasured memories you read more

The Leap of Faith

It’s amazing what can happen when you take a leap of faith! That’s what I did during August 2016. Months before, I followed my heart to create a collection of paintings entitled ‘The Sacred Lives Of Trees’. Having a plan of execution to complete the collection of 20 paintings was read more

The Sacred Lives Of Trees

INTRODUDING THE SACRED LIVES OF TREES Reminiscent of dancers, great warriors and benevolent souls, trees are the visible evidence of how the invisible forces of Nature (Earth and the Heavens) lend shape and character to our being. Loves Light Upon Us   The Sacred Lives Of Trees collection was launched read more

She Swam With Turtles And I Gained A Super Hero

She Swam With Turtles And I Gained A Super Hero She virtually tapped my shoulder and whispered Caroline, come over to my group and post your articles there. So, I joined Seniorpreneurs Ireland a facebook group that has become so popular that entrepreneurs of all ages, genders and countries are read more

Pure Thinking Portraits

In the lead up to Carlow Art Festival in 2015, a group of artists came together under the banner of Pure Thinking community for a project with a very special theme. They set about drawing larger than life portraits of their chosen inspirational Carlow people for display on the exterior read more

I always wanted to meet an Alchemist

I always wanted to meet an Alchemist! So, imagine my curiosity when I encounter one who not only wants to support my artistic endeavours but who’s journey has uncanny resemblances to my own. It was a goose-bump moment when Trevor Lorkings, astutely noted that we both shared a connection with read more